Moving Forward

Two weeks ago at the Capitol was a hard week for just about everyone. After months of talking about expulsion and an even longer investigation into the allegations—all of which were found more likely than not to be credible—Rep. Steve Lebsock was expelled from the State House.

Rep. Lebsock's pattern of harassment, including his continued retaliation against the women who spoke out against him, was beyond unbecoming of a state legislator. It's this behavior that led me to push for expulsion from the beginning and to be a yes vote last Friday. Thank you to the women who came forward and to everyone who shared their stories at the well on Friday. My full remarks can be seen here.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not specific to only one man, but it is indicative of a broader culture at the State Capitol. We all have a role in working to eradicate this culture so that everyone who enters the Capitol—legislators, lobbyists, interns, aides, and all others—feels safe.

However, our other work still has to continue. We got back to business as usual last week.

Two of my bills have already passed the House and the Senate and are on their way to Governor's desk. As well, the FAMLI Act also cleared another hurdle, passing Finance Committee. It is now headed to Appropriations Committee. 

A number of my bills were also introduced this week, including a bill which would create a tax credit for those who need to modify their homes due to an illness or disability.

More information on the bills I'm running this session can be found on my website.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came out to caucus last week and to everyone who came to my town hall two weeks with Rep. Lori Saine. 


Please continue to reach out with your questions and concerns.

Matt GrayComment