Beginning of Session Update and the First Town Hall

Work has begun at the State Capitol!

The year is already off to a good start. I'm happy to announce that I am a co-sponsor of the first House bill of the session with Rep. Faith Winter. House Bill 1001, or the FAMLI Act, would allow employees to enter into an insurance pool that would provide them with income if they were unable to work while caring for a new child or family member with a serious health condition or due to their own serious health issues. I'm honored to be working on such an important bill with Rep. Winter and everyone else who has put so much time and energy into drafting it.  

The legislature has passed its first bill of the session, adding Colorado to a group of states that honor each other's nurses licenses. The bill will expand the nurses hiring pool, helping to ensure that our hospitals remain fully staffed with the best nurses available.


Meeting with the Broomfield Teen Council in the House Gallery during the first week of the session.

One of the highlights of the first week was meeting with the Broomfield Teen Council during their visit to the Capitol. The Teen Council represents high schools all over the district and they are a talented and inspiring group of young people. 

Finally, my first town hall will be Thursday, February 1st from 6-8 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of the Superior Town Hall.

Superior 2%2F1 Town Hall.jpg

I hope to see you all there, and as always, please continue to reach out with your questions and comments. 

See you there,
Matt Gray

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