Despite being one of the economically strongest states in the nation, Colorado is still hundreds of millions of dollars behind when it comes to funding our schools and paying our teachers the salaries they deserve. We see it everyday in Broomfield, Superior and Erie. Classroom sizes are growing and teachers in our community can’t afford to live in in the communities where they teach. Over the last two years, I’ve supported legislation that increased funding for public education, but we haven’t solved the problem. I will continue to work to make sure we fund education at the level we need to support our students.


As Colorado continues to grow, our infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the increased load. Our community especially—between US-36, I-25, and Highway 7—is seeing increasing traffic on a daily basis, while also paying taxes on projects that we ultimately did not benefit from. This past year at the General Assembly we passed legislation that will send hundreds of millions of dollars to funding transportation projects around the state to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and alleviate traffic, as well as send money to local communities to work on other transportation options. Moving forward, I will work to make sure that our community receives the regional equity that we have been lacking.


Everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. As a family, facing health care challenges can be one of the hardest things to endure.  It makes no sense at all that the risk of bankruptcy should come along with the health risks our parents and children face. In addition, Coloradans pay 17 percent more for healthcare than other other states and Broomfield and Boulder counties have even higher costs than most of Colorado itself. We need to do more to bring down those costs.

Jobs & Economy

Colorado has one of the best economies in the country and one of the lowest unemployment rates, but not everyone around the state is feeling those effects. We have to make sure our growing economy works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected, which is why I worked to pass one of the biggest pieces of economic development legislation in recent years, as well as sponsored paid family leave legislation. The FAMLI Act would provide paid medical and family leave to every worker in Colorado, without cost to business. If re-elected, passing the FAMLI Act will be one of my top priorities.

Oil & Gas

The encroachment of oil and gas into our community has been concerning for many of us, especially as we’ve seen what’s going on around the rest of the state. Over the past two years, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with concerned residents in our community and have worked to pass legislation that would make our community safer and to recognize that residential, suburban areas with unwilling property owners like Broomfield and Erie need to be treated differently. While a bill that I sponsored to push oil and gas activities farther away from schools unfortunately failed in the Colorado Senate, I was able to pass meaningful legislation that gave homeowners more protections when drilling occurs in our communities. However, there is still more work to do.


American Federation of Teachers

Colorado Education Association

Boulder Valley Education Association

One Colorado

Planned Parenthood Votes


National Association of Social Workers

Conservation Colorado

Sierra Club

North Metro Chamber of Commerce

Secure PERA

Colorado Ceasefire

Moms Demand Action Distinction


SEIU Local 105

Pipefitters Local 108

LiLUNA Local 720

UFCW Local 7R

Colorado Wins

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Fraternal Order of Police

Colorado Physicians for Mental Health

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry

Colorado Association of Family Physicians

Colorado Professional Fire Fighters

Colorado Nurses Association


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